30th High School Reunion Registration

Event Details




* WHEN: October 5, 2019, 7-11 pm
* PRICE: $53 per person
*** There will be no refunds.  We are on a very tight budget with the contract.

The time to register is upon us!  Tickets are $53 per person, and you may be asking how we determined the price?  Well, we are renting
Firefly, and there is either a minimum rental charge or a minimum food/beverage charge, divided by the number of people we anticipate attending.  There will be several menu items including veggie options, as well as two drink tickets (you choose how to use them), and free use of the pool table, etc.  There is also a charge to take the payments. No matter which way we went, there was going to be a fee.  Unfortunately, I'm not an ATM, so the fee is included in the ticket price.


*Smoking is allowed outside on the patio.
* First person to register gets a $25 GC to Firefly.
* Another gift certificate will be given away randomly as the registration remains open. 
* Parking is available in the front lot, back parking lot, and street parking on Market and Meade.
* Donations are very much welcome, as we have cut the prices very close to what is needed to meet the contract.  Decorations, hosting this site, etc., are other expenses are beyond ticket prices.


****Please don't wait until the last minute to register.  We have paid a deposit and calculated costs based on past events.  We really need to see your commitment as soon as possible. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me, or any member of the committee.  This reunion and the others could not have happened without several people.  Currently, Tess, Kala, Kelly Jones, and Shane Parsons are on this committee. But there have been others who have helped with decorations, such as Andrea Buck, and balloons, Sarah D, etc.  It takes a village, and I appreciate all the help we have gotten and hopefully continue to get.

Have an alumnus from another CHS class you want to invite?  That's fine, just let us know, we can work it out.